Arthur Azevedo - Biography

Arthur Azevedo was born in Zimbabwe in 1935. Between 1950 and 1954 he trained as a teacher at St Augustine’s College, Cape Town, and then returned to Harare to teach at St Louis Mountbatten School.

In 1956 he went to Rome with the intention of becoming a Roman Catholic priest and for six years he studied philosophy and theology at the Pontifical Urban University ‘de Propaganda Fide’.

His interest in art, at that time, was confined to painting and for a short period he studied under Gustovo Solimene, a painter with leanings towards the Neopolitan School. During his vacations he roamed and painted in the Castelli Romani and Alban Hills region.

Returning to Zimbabwe in 1962, having abandoned his intention of becoming a priest, he settled in Harare and took up teaching at St John’s School, where he continues to teach today. His interest in sculpture began in 1963 as a result of his dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment as a painter. Scrap and found iron and steel were chosen mostly by chance and soon became his dominant medium. He developed his style and techniques in metal sculpture alone. His progress was stimulated, in the early days, by the Annual Exhibitions of the National Gallery, the Weld Art Sculpture Competitions and commissions by architects, notably Tony Wales-Smith, who provided the first challenge to use this medium in architecture. Married with three children, he lives in Harare.


Year Exhibition
1975 Rhodesian Contemporary Artists Exhibition
1975 Art Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1975 Photography, Jewellery, Pottery and Graphics, Gallery Delta
1976 Sculpture, Gallery delta
1976 Exhibition Art Gallery Delta
1977 Expo 5
1978 Salisbury Jaycees A Charity Exhibition
1978 Sculpture and Paintings
1979 Sculpture and Ceramics
1980 Expo 80 Graphics, Paintings, Ceramics and Sculpture
1981 Drawings and Sculpture
1982 Various Artists
1982 Group Exhibition
1983 Paintings, sculpture, graphics, textiles and ceramics
1984 Drawings and Sculpture
1985 Figure and form
1986 Paintings, sculpture and sketches
1988 Drawings and Watercolours
1988 Drawings and sculpture
1989 Graphics
1989 Summer Exhibition
1990 Graphics
1990 Paintings, ceramics, furniture and crafts
1991 Drawings and Sculptures
1991 Summer Exhibition
1992 Small Works by Prominent Artists
1993 Graphics
1993 Prominent Artists
1993 Sculpture, drawings and etchings
1994 Graphics 94
1994 Prominent Artists
1994 Summer Exhibition
1995 Graphics
1995 Gallery Delta 20 years
1995 Sculpture Graphics
1995 Homage to Frederico
1995 Summer Exhibition
1996 Graphics 96
1996 Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe today
1996 Explorations Transformations
1996 Summer Exhibition
1997 Graphics
1997 Prominent Artists
1997 Paintings, drawings and Sculpture
1997 Summer Exhibition
1998 Graphics Group Exhibition
1998 Prominent Artists
1998 Summer Exhibition
1999 Festival Exhibition
1999 Prominent Artists Exhibition
1999 Eve of the Millennium
1999 Retrospective Exhibition
2000 Works on Paper
2000 Gallery Delta 25 years
2000 Post Election selection
2000 Ikons, Gallery Delta
2000 The Summer Exhibition
2001 Eclectic, Gallery Delta
2001 War Games, Gallery Delta
2001 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002 Small Works, View Point/split Image
2002 Affinities, Gallery Delta
2002 Explorations II, Gallery Delta
2002 Totems Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002 A Select Collection, Gallery Delta
2002 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003 Olympiad 2004
2003 Small Works -Insight
2003 Ikons Exhibition
2003 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003 The Collector’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2004 A Collection of Small works, Gallery Delta
2004 Works on Paper Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2004 Figura – One Man show – Gallery Delta
2004 The Annual summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2005 30 years of Gallery Delta
2005 Black and White, Gallery Delta
2005 Small Works, Gallery Delta
2005 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2006 Don Quixote – An African Perspective, Gallery Delta
2006 Rembrandt: An African his 400th Birthday, Gallery Delta
2006 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2007 Small Works Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2007 Peace through Unity in Diversity, Gallery Delta
2007 Expediency, Gallery Delta
2008 Drawings and Graphics, Delta Gallery
2008 A Select Collection, Delta Gallery
2008 The Summer Exhibition, Delta Gallery
2009 A Select Collection, Delta Gallery


  • Horseman
    Horseman (2004) Ink on Paper 20x30cm
  • Crow
    Crow Steel
  • Horse and Rider
    Horse and Rider Steel
  • Take the Bull by the Horns
    Take the Bull by the Horns (2008) Steel 78x107x42cm
  • Winged Walkers in the Wind
    Winged Walkers in the Wind (2004) Steel Wire 25x30cm
  • A Screen of Horsemen
    A Screen of Horsemen (2004) Steel 30x40cm
  • Wall Of Warriors
    Wall Of Warriors (2004) Steel and steel wire 20x35cm