Artist: Fasoni Sibanda

Born in Zimbabwe 29 September 1971. Died Harare 15 August 1998.

Educated at Zengeza Primary and High School.

1990–2 BAT Workshop, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Qualification: Visual Arts for three years in Painting and Textile Designing.


1994 National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Overall Award of Distinction

1994 National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Highly commended (painting)

1994 Best Painter of the Year – National Arts Council of Zimbabwe

1991New Generation exhibition in Harare Gardens
1992Final Year Students Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare
1992Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1992Young Artists’ Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1993New Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1993Past and Present Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1993Cultural Festival in Harare Gardens
1993British Council Exhibition, Harare
1993Young Artists’ Exhibition, John Boyne House, Harare
1993Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1993Group Exhibition in Finland
1993Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1994Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1994New Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1994One-man Exhibition, Sandro’s Gallery, Harare
1994Young Artists of Promise, Gallery Delta
1995Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1995Different Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1995One-man Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1995Gallery Delta Twenty Years Exhibition
1995South African Biennale, Johannesburg, South Africa
1995Group Exhibition at Pierre Gallery, Harare
1996Changing Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1996Man Myth and Movement, Gallery Delta
1997Crossroads Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997Wind Objects Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998Crossroads and Beyond Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Beyond the Crossroads Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999Eve of the New Millennium Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Coloufields Africa Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003Past and Present, Gallery Delta
2004Fight Aids, Celebrate Life, Gallery Delta
None recorded
None recorded

Workshops courtesy of the British Council

Print-making Workshop Directed by Steve Mumberson of Britain.

Painting workshop Directed by Vanessa Jackson of Britain.

Print-making Workshop Directed by Margot Humphrey of USA.

Painting Workshop courtesy of the American Embassy Directed by Pheoris West of USA.

None recorded