Artist: Gareth Nyandoro

Born 16th February 1982. Trained at Masvingo Polytechnic, Harare Polytechnic and Chinhoyi University of Technology.

2006 Consolation Prize – in Don Ouixote, An African Perspective, Exhibition and Competition

2006 Consolation Prize – in the Kristin Diehl Competition and Exhibition

2007 1st Prize (category 1) – in the Peace Through Unity in Diversity Competition and Exhibition

2009 2nd Prize in the Graphics Category – in The Land Competition and Exhibition

2004Redefinitions – 3 man show with Masimba Hwati and Munyaradzi Mazarire; Gallery Delta
2005Annual Young Artists; Gallery Delta
2005Non Conformist; Gallery Delta
2005Gallery Delta – 30 Years, Gallery Delta
2005African Contemporary Art; Gallery Delta
2005Small Works; Gallery Delta
2005Other Dimensions; Gallery Delta
2005Batabata International Artist Workshop and Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005Harare International Festival of the Arts; National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005The Annual Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2006Don Quixote; An African Perspective; Gallery Delta
2006Kristen Diehl Sculpture Competition and Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2006Frame Within A Frame; Gallery Delta
2006Relieving the Trauma; Gallery Delta
2006Rembrandt: An African Response on his 400th Birthday; Gallery Delta
2006Shrines; Gallery Delta
2006The Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2007Small Works; Gallery Delta
2007Peace Through Unity and Diversity; Gallery Delta
2007Expediency; Gallery Delta
2007Paintings and Sculptures; Gallery Delta
2007Drawings and Graphics; Gallery Delta
2007Spirit Level; Gallery Delta
2008Let’s Get Together; Gallery Delta
2008A Select Collection; Gallery Delta
20085 Artists – 5 Directions; Gallery Delta
2008The Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2009A Select Collection; Gallery Delta
2009The Land; Gallery Delta
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