Artist: Helen Lieros

1958/62 Studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Geneva

1960 First Prize, Association of Women Artists, awarded by the Swiss Government

1961/62 Prix de Holzer & Bursary – State Scholarship

1962 Diploma and Arts Degree with Honours, Geneva

1962/3 Scholarship to the Institute da Statale d’Arte, Florence, awarded by the Italian Government

1964 Returned home and taught at Chaplin School, Gweru for three years

1985/86 Perfectionment Artistique, Ecole Superieure D’Art Visuel, Geneva: Awarded for improvisation of materials, pigments, colour and painting

1967/2009 Lives and works in Harare

None recorded


1966Naikes’ Gallery, Bulawayo.
1968Polworth’s Galleries, Harare.
1970Barbour’s Gallery, Harare.
1970Stoa Texnis Gallery, Athens.
1972/75Tara Arts & Seven Arts, Harare.
1973Diogenes International Galleries, Athens.
1979Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare.
1983Selected works, PG Gallery, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1985Galerie Chausse Coqs, Geneva.
1991Major Retrospective Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1995“Diary of an Inheritance” Gallery Delta, Harare
1995“Antithesis”, Mayfair Gallery, London.
1998“Logos – The Word – Gallery Delta, Harare.
2004Retrospective Exhibition – a selection of paintings and graphics over three decades 1974 -2004, Gallery Delta, Harare.
2004“Diaspora” Sophia Laskaridou Pinakothiki (State Gallery) Athens, Greece.
2005‘Aeons,’ National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
2007‘Antithesis,’Sophia Laskaridou Pinakothiki, Athens, Greece.


1967Federation of British Artists, London.
1971Rhodesian Art, Beira, Mozambique.
1971The National Annual Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe and frequently in ensuing years to present.
1972American Embassy, Athens.
1974Young Artists of Promise, Athens
1974The First Circle Exhibition, Harare.
1975Rhodesian Select Exhibition, Ned-Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
1975Graphics and Drawing Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1975Art Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1976Exhibition Arta, Gallery Delta, Harare
1976Select Rhodesian Artist’s Exhibition, Rand Show.
1977Art Exhibition, Gallery Delta,, Harare
1977Aspects from Geneva, Gallery Delta, Harare
1977Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1977Environmental and Experimental Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1978Emergent Art, Gallery Delta, Harare
1979International Etching Exhibition, Centre de la Gravure, Geneva
1979Art Forms, Gallery Delta, Harare
1980Art Zimbabwe Exhibition, National Pavilion, Rand Show, Johannesburg.
1980Expo 80: Graphics, Paintings, Ceramics and Sculpture, Gallery Delta, Harare
1980Creative Forms, Gallery Delta, Harare
1980Aspects from Geneva 2, Gallery Delta, Harare
1981Art Do Zimbabwe, Maputo, Mozambique.
1981Graphics and Paintings Gallery Delta, Harare
1981Summer Exhibition Gallery Delta, Harare
1981/83Recent Zimbabwean Literary & Art Exhibition, London and touring UK.
1981/82Commonwealth Overseas League Exhibition, London.
1982Art Forms 82, Gallery Delta, Harare
1982Paintings, Graphics and Ceramics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1983Solidarity Week, Beira, Mozambique.
1983Spirit of Zimbabwe Exhibition, London.
1983International All Africa Painting Exhibition, Dakar, Senegal (Award Winner, Second Prize).
1984Black and White, Gallery Delta, Harare
1984Contemporary Graphics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1985Contemporary Graphics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1985Form and Symbol, Gallery Delta, Harare
1985Centre Genevois de la Gravure Contemporaine, Geneva.
1986National Gallery of Zimbabwe Annual (NAM) Baringa Exhibition: (Special Mention in recognition of an artist who has made significant individual contribution “towards pinnacles of excellence in contemporary Zimbabwean art”).
1986Wilfredo Lam Museum (Cuban Biennale).
1986Mini-Print (Graphics) International, Cadaques, Spain and USA.
1986Graphics 86, Gallery Delta, Harare
1986Painting, Sculptures and Ceramics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1986Contemporary Zimbabwean Art, Gallery Delta, Harare
1987Platform 5 Images, Gallery Delta, Harare
1987Paintings and Sculptures, Gallery Delta, Harare
1988Paintings, Gallery Delta, Harare
1988Graphics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1988National Gallery of Zimbabwe Travelling Exhibition – New Delhi, India.
1988Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1989Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Award of Merit (Painting), Award of Merit (Graphics).
1990Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, First Recipient of the President’s Award of Honour.
1990Commonwealth Arts Festival & Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand: One of 5 Zimbabwean artists invited to participate.
1990Graphics, Gallery Delta, Harare
1990Mini-Print International Exhibition, Cadaques, Spain.
1990The New Decade, Gallery Delta, Harare
1990The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare.
1991Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Invited Artist. First of five selected artists presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II.
1991The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare.
1992Small Works by Prominent Artists, Gallery Delta, Harare.
1992Contrasts, Gallery Delta, Harare
1992/94Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe: Invited Artist.
1992War on Want, Savannah Gallery, London.
1992Hope and Optimism Portfolio, Oxford, England.
1993Graphics Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1993Prominent Artists, Gallery Delta, Harare
19938 African Women Artists, Savannah Gallery, London.
1994Graphics Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1994The Land Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1994Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1994Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1995Gallery Delta – 20 Years, Gallery Delta, Harare
1995Johannesburg Biennale, Zimbabwe Participant.
1996The Land, The Landmark, The Landscape, Gallery Delta, Harare
1996Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe Today, Gallery Delta, Harare
1996Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1997Graphics Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997Landscape – The Changing Scene, Gallery Delta
1997Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997MBCA Decade of Award Winners, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare
1998Crossing Boundaries, The International Museum of Twentieth Century Art, Unesco Headquarters, Paris and Expo, Lisbon – representing Zimbabwe
1998The Graphics Group Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998The Prominent Artists’ Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998Invited Artist, First Biennale, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1999Works on Paper Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999Festival Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999The Land Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999The Eve of the New Millennium Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Works on Paper Exhibition Gallery Delta
2000Gallery Delta – 25th Anniversary Exhibition
2000Earth Vision Exhibition – Gallery Delta
2000Post Election Selection – Gallery Delta
2000Ikons, Gallery Delta
2000The summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
2001Art from Zimbabwe. Art in Zimbabwe. Iwalelwa House University of Bayreuth, Germany.
2001Eclectic – Gallery Delta
2001Wargames – Gallery Delta with Arthur Azevedo
2001The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Greece
2002The Small Works – View Point/Split Image Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002Explorations II, Gallery Delta
2002Totems Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003Olympiad 2004, Gallery Delta
2003Landscape Paintings, Gallery Delta
2003Small Works – Insight, Gallery Delta
2003Ikons Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2004The Collector’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2004Fight Aids, Celebrate Life, Gallery Delta
2004A Collection of Small Works, Gallery Delta
2004Works on Paper – Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2004The Collector’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2004Fight Aids, Celebrate Life, Gallery Delta
2004A Collection of Small Works. Gallery Delta
2004Old and Modern, Gallery Delta
2004Legacy, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany
2004The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2005Books, Words and Writings, Gallery Delta
2005Gallery Delta 30years, Gallery Delta
2005Black and White, Gallery Delta
2005Small Works, Gallery Delta
2005Landmark, Gallery Delta
2005The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2006Fragments of the Past – Lost Words, Lost Letters, Lost People: (With Marcos Villalta Pucci) Harare International Festival of Arts, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
2005Frame within a Frame, Gallery Delta
2005Expediency, Gallery Delta
2005The Post Election Selection, Gallery Delta
2005A Select Collection
2006Rembrandt: An African Response on his 400th Birthday, Gallery Delta
2006Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2006A Select Collection, Gallery Delta
2007Peace Through Unity In Diversity, Gallery Delta
2008The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2009The Land, Gallery Delta

1967 Executed four large murals at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Harare.

1996-2002 Executed murals (fresco secco) for the entire Greek Orthodox Cathedral at Maputo, Mozambique.

2008 Invited to return to Maputo to undertake new wall paintings in Greek Orthodox Cathederal.

Permanent Collection, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The Cabinet des Estamps and Centre de la Gravure, Geneva.

Museum of African Arts, Paris.

Wilfredo Lam Museum, Cuba.

Mini-Print International, Cadaques, Spain.

Pinakothiki Sophia Laskaridou, Athens

1977/79/84/85/89 Attended Centre des Gravure Contemporaine, Geneva. Etching with D. Diovorne, Ecole Superieure D’Art Visual, Geneva.

1990 Invited Artist in Residence, Wanganui Summer Workshop, New Zealand.


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