Artist: Masimba Hwati

An interrogator of postcolonial hangover cultures with definitions that delineate contemporary African and Zimbabwean art forms. My work is constantly being directed towards becoming a search and a suggestive mould and antidote for some of technical and ideological challenges that face post modernistic Africa in this case Zimbabwe. Since early 2003 I have engaged myself in a pennant like pilgrimage, not to use “handed over” or culturally sublet material in my work. This move in my work has pushed towards a direction where I’m in continuous search of new material and ideologies that define contemporary Zimbabwean art. In this “New found” penance and separation I have developed defining lines such as “paint on canvas is for wimps in this part of the world” this has brought about a radical disengagement from conventional patterns of art. I have witnessed several interesting developments in my students who I have exposed to this principle. My teaching experience at the Harare Polytechnic has always been characterized by campaign traits that seek to push the culturally complacent ideas, from being consumerist to being innovative and solution hunting landmarks. I have used several alternative materials in my work from animal hides, found material soil, animal bones and other cultural and anthropological relevant material. In this I have come up with and developed theories such as the “energy of objects” and “therapeutic points” in the process of art making, My search for new media and alternative audience has led me to develop and implement the idea of art therapy in hospitals .I currently facilitate a volunteer based art therapy program for kids with cancer at Parirenyatwa group of Hospitals in Harare.
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2004Redefinitions Gallery Delta
2005Non Conformists Gallery Delta
2005Harare Biennale National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005Visual Records National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005Conditions of Sculpture National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005Intwasa Arts Festival National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
2005COMESA exhibition Lusaka Zambia
2005Shrines Gallery Delta
2005Ceramics workshop with Renate Kleibbe, Zimbabwe German Society
2005 – 2006Hifa Ceramics workshop
2005HIFA found objects workshop
2003 – 2006Other Group shows Gallery Delta
2006Paumba :Poetry, painting, ceramic workshop HIFA
2004 – 2006Other group shows National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2006SADC annual exhibition Thapong Botswana
2007Vibes, pledges and Oracles National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2007Curatorial Work “TSVA” National Gallery Jubilee Show
2008HIFA Determination 2008 HIFA
2008Expressions of Africa Universite’ d Avignon Workshops
2006 – 2008Parirenyatwa Art therapy project for children with cancer
2009Lectures at Universite’ d Avignon and E’cole des art mach
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