Artist: Richard Witikani

Born 1 January 1967 at Wedza, Zimbabwe

1987 Finished Secondary Education at St Vincent’s School, Nora

1988 Student at BAT Workshop, Harare until 1989

1989 Taught Art at Girls High School, Harare
Art Residences:

Artoteek, Dordrecht, Holland for three months 2000

Villa Waldberta, Starnberg, near Munich 2002

Thupelo, South Africa, 2005

1991 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Highly Commended (Painting)

1994 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Award of Merit (Graphics)

1995 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Highly Commended (Painting)

2007 Special Mention – Peace through Unity In Diversity – Gallery Delta

1989Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1989BAT Workshop Final Year Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1990Young Artists’ Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1990Worked at Sitra Pottery, Melfort
1991Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1991 – 1994Annual Young Artists’ Exhibition at Gallery Delta
1994Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1995New Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1995Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1996Changing Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1996Graphics Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1996The Land, Landmark, The Landscape, Gallery Delta
1996Namhla Lakusasa Exhibition, National Gallery in Bulawayo and Gallery Delta
1996Man, Myth and Movement, Gallery Delta
1997Country Life, One Man Exhibition at Gallery Delta
1997Crossroads Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997Landscape – The Changing Scene, Gallery Delta
1997A Decade of Award Winners 1986 – 1996, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1997The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998Rural Lands – of Life and Landscape, One man show at Gallery Delta
1998Landscapes Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998Crossroads and Beyond Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Festival Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999The Land Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Beyond the Crossroads Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Eve of the New Millennium Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Gallery Delta – 25 Years Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Earth Vision Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Post Election Selection, Gallery Delta
2000Colourfields Africa, Gallery Delta
2000Colour Africa, Gallery Delta Group Exhibition, Munich
2000Colour Africa – Munich, Gallery Delta – Promoted by the City of Munich
2000The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2001Tracing the Rainbow, Linz, Austria
2001The Colour of Life – Group Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002The Zimbabwean Landscape, Group Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002Man and The Land – Solo Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002A Select Collection – Gallery Delta
2002The Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
2003Lanscape Paintings – Gallery Delta
2003Past and Present – Gallery Delta
2003Small Works-Insight – Gallery Delta
2003The Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
2004Landmarks Trees Rocks and Scars – Gllery Delta
2004Fight Aids,Celebrate Life – Gallery Delta
2004Rural Life with John Gusinyu – Gallery Delta
2004A Collection of Small Works – Gallery Delta
2004Legacy, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany
2004The Annual Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2005Gallery Delta 30 years, Gallery Delta
2005African contemporary Art, Gallery Delta
2005Other Dimensions, Gallery Delta
2005The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2006Don Quixote – An African Perspective, Gallery Delta
2006The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2007Small Works Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2007Peace Through Unity In Diversity – Exhibition and
Competition, Gallery Delta
2007Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2007The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2008Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2008A Select Collection, Gallery Delta
2008A Time Of Change, Gallery Delta
2008Enriching Women, Gallery Delta
2009A Select Collection, Gallery Delta
None recorded

Artoteek Zuidhooste, Amsterdam, Holland

Artoteek, Den Haag, Holland

Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Dordrecht, Holland.

None recorded
Gallery Magazine No.11
Gallery Magazine No. 31