Artist: Thakor Patel


  • 1952-54 C.N. Vidyvihar, Ahmedabad, India
  • 1954-58 Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay Graduated with first class diploma in painting and drawing. Commercial Art.
  • 1982-90 Lectured in graphic design at Harare Polytechnic
  • 1956 Travelling Scholarship, Art Society of India.
  • 1957-58 Annual Award of the Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay
  • 1957-58 Annual Award of the Bombay Art Society, Bombay
  • 1959 Fellowship of the Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay
  • 1969 Annual Prize of the Davangree Youth Cultural Association
  • 1970 Invited by Dr Robert Mayfield, Chairman of the University of Texas Austin, Texas USA to exhibit and to take part in a fine art programme sponsored by the Edward University of Texas.
  • 1977 Designed textile for the National Hand loom Fair, Agri Expo 77, New Delhi, India.
  • 1977 Assistant Director (Design), Government of India, for Hand loom, Weaver’s Service Centre, Bombay and work at Calcutta. Bangalore – Varanase – Meeret.
  • 1985 Commission work for Harare Sheraton Hotel, Zimbabwe.
  • 1986 Commission work for Cold Storage Commission, Zimbabwe.
  • 1986 National Gallery of Zimbabwe Annual
  • Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition. Special mention in recognition of an artist who has made significant individual contribution towards pinnacles of excellence in contemporary Zimbabwean painting.
  • 1987 International visitors award from the American Fund for Artist Colonies (FAC), New York, sponsored by the United States Information Services, USA to visit USA for three months.
  • 1989 Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition – National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Award of Merit (oil) works selected for Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand during the Commonwealth Games in January 1990.
  • 1991 Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Awards of Merit. Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Arts.


1970Union Gallery, University of Texas, Austin, Teas, U.S.A.
1970Berger Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas
1970Natraj Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
1970Camel Art Centre, Dallas, Texas.
1983Paintings and graphics – Gallery Delta, Harare
1983National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1984National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1987Camp Gallery, Virginia Centre of the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, USA
1988Exhibition at the Peoples Gallery, London


1957-58Bombay Art Annual Exhibition, Bombay.
1961-67Exhibited regularly at Lalitkala Academy, National Academy of Art, New Delhi, and at State Exhibition in Calcutta, Bombay, Ahmedabad and Madras.
1965-67Maysore State Lalitkala Academy, Maysore
1966Founder Member of “We Four” group exhibition, Bangalore
1967-68“We Four” Group exhibitions, Bangalore.
1970Max Mueller German Cultural Centre, India and Brussels, Belgium.
1972-89Textiles at “Asia” Trade Fair, New Delhi.
1974Astitva Exhibition, Gallery Maya and Gallery Mouvante Bombay
1974Max Meuller Bhaven, Seven Painters Exhibition, Jehangir Gallery, Bombay
1980Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.
1980State Bank of India Exhibition
1981-83Recent Zimbabwean Literature and Art Exhibition, London and touring the UK
1981-1991National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Annual Exhibition
1981Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1982Circle Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe.
1982Art Forms 1982 – Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe.
1982Group Exhibition – Gallery Delta, Harare
1982Anglican Cathedral, Harare, Zimbabwe
1982-83Polytechnic Faculty Exhibition, John Boyne Gallery, Harare
1982-88Group exhibitions at Gallery Delta, Harare
1983Pan African Festival of Paintings, Dakar, Senegal.
1983Paintings, sculpture, graphics, textiles & ceramics – Gallery Delta
1984Recent Acquisitions of the Permanent Collection of National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1984Indian Ocean Festival Exhibition, Perth, Australia.
1984Black and White – Gallery Delta, Harare.
1984Art and Craft – Gallery Delta, Harare
1984Two Man Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1985Lalitkala Academy, Rabindra Bhaven, New Delhi.
1985Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta.
1985Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay.
1985Regional Centre, Lalitkala Academy, Madras.
1985Form and Symbol – Gallery Delta, Harare
1985Paintings – Gallery Delta, Harare
1986Contemporary Zimbabwean Art exhibition by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, in West Germany and East Berlin.
1986Paintings exhibited by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Moscow, Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
1986Lectures from Harare – Gallery Delta
1986Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1987Paintings and sculptures – Gallery Delta
1988Paintings, Ceramics, Sculpture and Jewellery – Gallery Delta, Harare
1989Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta, Harare
1989National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare.
1990Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1992Small Works by Prominent Artists – Gallery Delta, Harare
1993Prominent Artists – Gallery Delta, Harare
1993Paintings and drawings – Gallery Delta
1993National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition
1994Prominent Artists – Gallery Delta
1995Gallery Delta 20 years
1995Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca – Gallery Delta, Harare
1996Essence of Africa, Germany.
1996Explorations, Transformations – Gallery Delta
1997Prominent Artists’ Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1997Wind Objects Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1997The Summer Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1998The Graphics Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1998The Prominent Artists’ Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1998Magic Works – Gallery Delta, Harare
1998The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Festival Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Eve of the New Millennium Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Festival Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1999Eve of the Milleneum, Gallery Delta
1999Ceramics and Textiles, Gallery Delta
2000Gallery Delta – 25 Years
2000Post Election Selection – Gallery Delta
2000Colourfields Africa – Gallery Delta
2000The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000Gallery Delta – 25 Years, Gallery Delta
2000Post Election Selection, Gallery Delta
2000The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2001Eclectic, Gallery Delta
2001The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2002Small Works View point/ Split /Image, Gallery Delta
2002A Select Collection, Gallery Delta
2002The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003Olympiad 2004, Gallery Delta
2003Past and Present, Gallery Delta
2003Small works- Insight, Gallery Delta
2003Ikons Exhibition
2003The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003The Collector’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2003Works on Paper, Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta
2003Annual Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2004Books, Words and Writings, Gallery Delta
2004Old and Modern, Gallery Delta
2004Indo American, Chicago, USA.
200530 Years of Gallery Delta, Gallery Delta
2005Black and White, Gallery Delta
2005The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2005Don Quixote – An African Perspective, Gallery Delta
2006Frame Within A Frame, Gallery Delta
2006Small works, Gallery Delta
2006Rembrandt, Gallery Delta
2006Shrines, Gallery Delta
2006The Summer Exhibition, Gallery delta
2007Small Works, Gallery Delta
2007The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2008The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2009The Land, Gallery Delta
None recorded
Commission of work for Post and Telecommunication, (mural) size 70 metres x 2 metres. Mobil Oil National Art Collection. The Lalitkala Academy, India. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. State House (Government of Zimbabwe) The Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, U.S.A. Works in private collections in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Mexico, Chile (South America) and United States, Iceland.
None recorded
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