Exhibition: Quantumlogik

Sun, 2014 Wood, Mbira, Ceramic Leather, Glass Beads 127 x 75 cms
Sun, 2014. Wood, Mbira, Ceramic Leather, Glass Beads 127 x 75 cms



Artist’s Statement

Quantumlogik is a collection of works having some root in the school of quantum thought, which is defined as thinking in an integrated manner. it is a shift from linear rationale by adopting a higher level of resourcefulness and innovation. in such a process all ideas and possibilities are considered as resources towards solutions, even those ideas which seem irreconcilable. This is the most effective approach to thinking in solving today’s pan African problems.

The work presented focuses on the aspect of quantum thinking as a culture that is keen on finding connections and common denominators amongst diverse phenomena. Our colonial and post-colonial Zeitgeist has provided fragmented paradigms that have incubated and produced most of our urban sub-cultures. These cultures create challenges that demand use of a multi disciplinary thinking toolbox which contains both traditional paradigms, current and technological ones. This reminds us of the Shona proverbs Chengaose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi (Pay attention to all types of pumpkins because all of them contain seed) and also Chara chimwe hachitswanyi Inda (One finger cannot crush a louse).

One explores the principles of creative synthesis: integrating traditional knowledge into new systems and transformation of knowledge; exploring how the social media juggernaut inter-relates with traditional knowledge and culture. The intention is to create dialogue and explore the kaleidoscopic and generic nature of knowledge. interesting to note is the interconnecting nature of culture, technology, habitats and habitus’ thus removing the proverbial pause button from culture.

In our times traditional icons and paraphernalia are juxtaposed in subtle ways with socio- urban and mainstream symbolism creating subcultures and alternative trajectories. in this process new totems and new gods emerge. One explores these ethereal relationships and hopes to demystify the sacred irony of rural and urban spaces that emanates from a disintegrated approach. it is this fragmented approach that divides and labels habitats into separate entities so we end up having a rural culture and an urban one as well as high, low and medium density community cultures existing concurrently in a volatile social setting. One explores urban rituals and their place and significance in the modern day metropolis. Our contemporary pan-African world therefore becomes a complex anthropological organism that engenders a lot of questions on the connections and moral denominators that characterize our habitats.

Masimba Hwati


30 September 2014

An exhibition of drawings and 3 dimensional multimedia objects and sculptures by Masimba Hwati

Opened by His Excellency, Mr. Luciano Lavizzari, Ambassador of Switzerland on Tuesday, 21st October, 2014.

Sponsored by the Swiss Embassy.

Swiss Embassy, Harare