Exhibition: The Magic of Meque

Luis Meque, Self Portrait with Gwen, Mixed Media on Hessian, 126 x 184 cm
Luis Meque, Self Portrait with Gwen

The Magic of Meque


Luis Meque lived life to the full and in this his work exploded with strong spontaneous strokes of colour that explored the surface and depicted his sentiments and emotions. For me, he was the leader of the new generation of post independence painters and instigated a new movement and break from the perpetuation of Shona stone sculpture. A criteria with Luis Meque was his total dedication to his work and his prolific output. His sketch books are filled with images which portray his superb draughtsmanship. Quoting Edward Hopper: “If you can say it with words there is no reason to paint.” His last series prior to his death demonstrated this by drawing and painting on the pages of the book entitled The Last Journey which was apt as a final comment.

Helen Lieros

Artist Painter


An exhibition of paintings by Luis Meque (10.4.1966 – 21.3.1998) – Painter of the Nineties – The Magic of Meque. Opened by Mr. Ulrich Mueller, Director of Co-operation of the Swiss Embassy Tuesday, 15th April, 2014. Sponsored by the Swiss Embassy. Swiss Embassy, Harare