Exhibition: Variations

Portia Zvavahera, Musana Kupisa (Labour Pain), 2013 Mixed Media 88 x 64cms
Portia Zvavahera, Musana Kupisa (Labour Pain), 2013



Artist’s Statement

My subject comes from a barren one, a moment in which the mind is not eager to range, yet within barrenness desire and hope remain.

Virginia Chihota


September 2013

Artist’s Statement

I play the game of chess. I am fascinated by chess. I liken it to the game of life. The canvas, or paper, is my chessboard. Colours are my pieces. I am painting about life: the struggle of the pawn. I am trying to play chess from the inside out. My conscience is the undisputed opponent. With simple moves I accidentally open potholes where life can freely spring into existence on this two dimensional frame. Colours are my pieces and I am a pawn somewhere in this structural space arrangement. I allow colour to represent the visual aspect through moving images and symbolically placing humans as objects within a frame.

Recently, I discovered some natural organic patterns: simple drawing lines in nature woven into tapestry like patchworks that resonate deeply with my fiber work. Inspired and invigorated by a renewed sense of continuity and awed by the mystery of how creation occurs, I am now playing richly varied moves, exploring my patterns, textures and colours. Once played the moves are pieced together to form an always new patchwork from which I make my swords and accessories. This is a language I use to get through to people in protective eggshells though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques. My conscience is the undisputed opponent – in retrospect a project manager that creatively mirrors my moves into a life in its own right. The repetitive nature of this war, this battle on the board, becomes the spring that frees my imagination and creates many opportunities for happy accidents to grace and influence the finished product.

So the canvas is my chessboard, colours are my chessmen and I am painting about life – the struggle of a pawn within a complex political society. Time is critical to consolidate against undesirable influences and is the only additive capable of replenishing imagination, a stimuli of inventive power. I have worked in such manner over the last deccade and the chessboard has been my stage and symbol.

Admire Kamudzengerere


September, 2013

Artist’s Statement

On the sixth day God created humans to be like himself. He made women and men. God gave them his blessing and said ‘Have a lot of children, fill the earth with people and bring it under your control.’ (Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 26-28)

Portia Zvavahera


September, 2013

Graphics by Virginia Chihota and Admire Kamudzengerere and Paintings by Portia Zvavahera.

Opened by His Excellency, Mr. Aldo Dell’Ariccia, Ambassador – Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republice of Zimbabwe. Sponsored by the European Union and the Culture Fund Partnership 17th October, 2013

Culture Fund in association with the EU