Project Description

Edsor Colaco was born in 1982-Mozambique, his introduction to art was in 1996, when at the age of fourteen, his uncle, Luis Meque, the well known artist, brought him from Chimoio in Mozambique to Harare, Zimbabwe, to live and study. He was inspired by Luis Meque, and was grief stricken by his early death in 1998. Consequently, without means, he had no option but to return to Chimoio to continue his schooling. He was, however, determined to become a painter.

He has pursued his creative instinct by exploring himself and his talent, and developed an individual approach in his work. Edsor Colaco’s concern in art is to show his creative ideas and expressions to cope with our daily life in a personal point of view and understanding, as an opportunity to express himself and giving words for the innocent things or people that do not have opportunity to express themselves, using both the figure and still life subjects. Often with the use of collage and personal manuscripts, reviving lost pages, burnt and charred scripts, which in their colour portrays poetically the land, and a sense of stillness and solitude, yet nevertheless, retaining the dream of Africa.

Year Exhibition
2000 Young Artists; Gallery Delta
2005 The Young Artists Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2005 Books, Words and Writings; Gallery Delta
2005 The Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta
2008 Post Election Selection; Gallery Delta
2008 5 Artists – 5 Directions; Gallery Delta Gallery
2009 A Select Collection; Gallery Delta