Project Description

Born 16 November 1968 in Mazowe, Concession, Zimbabwe.

Deceased 20 May 2001 at Harare.

He achieved a qualification in Fine Arts.

1991 Bruce Onobrakpeya, Nigerian Print Maker

1991 Mr Patel, Indian Wood Sculptor

1991 Margo Humphrey, American Print Maker/Painter

1992 Sirkka Lisa Lonka, Paper Making, Finland

1992 Pheoris West, American Painter

1992 Steven Mumberson, British Print Maker

1993 Anneli Klemola, Finish Print Maker

1993 Vanessa Jackson, British Painter

1993 Tom Chambers, American Documentary Photographer

1993 Mural H.I.C.C. (Government) Commission

1993 Mural H.I.C.C. Baptist Youth

1995 Mural Le Brug (Holland)

1995 Painting Thupelo, Capetown

1997 Fordsburg Artists’ Studios, New Town, South Africa

1999 Batapata Workshop, Mutare, Zimbabwe

2000 Villa Waldberta, Munich Germany

1993 Distinction, African Environment Expo, H.I.C.C.

1993 Merit (Painting) Young Artist of Promise, Zimbabwe Heritage

1993 Merit (Graphics), Zimbabwe Heritage

1993 Highly Commended (Photography), Zimbabwe Heritage

1993 Highly Commended (Graphics), Graphic Art

1994 Highly Commended (Graphics), Zimbabwe Heritage

1994 Highly Commended (Painting), Zimbabwe Heritage

1995 Highly Commended (Painting), Zimbabwe Heritage

1996 Highly Commended (Painting), Zimbabwe Heritage

1997 Highly Commended (Painting)

1998 Highly Commended (Painting) Zimbabwe Heritage

The National Gallery, Harare

Gallery Delta, Harare

Seven Seas Incorporated, Harare

Fordsburg Studios, South Africa

Works in private collections (overseas)

1998 Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
Year Exhibition
1992 Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery
1992 Foyer Precinct, National Gallery
1993 Young Artists, Gallery Delta
1993 Final Year Students BAT, National Gallery
1993 Graphic Art, National Gallery
1993 Wood Cuts, National Gallery
1993 Africa Environment Expo, Harare International Conference Centre
1993 Moments in Time, National Gallery
1993 Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery
1994 New Directions, Gallery Delta
1994 Young Artist of Promise, Gallery Delta
1995 Thupelo Cape Town, South Africa
1995 Different Directions, Gallery Delta
1995 Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery
1995 Tribute to Garcia Lorca, Gallery Delta
1995 Summertime, Gallery Delta
1996 Different Directions, Gallery Delta
1996 The Land, The Landmark, The Landscape, Gallery Delta
1996 Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1996 Namhle Lekusasa, National Gallery in Bulawayo
1996 Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe Today, Gallery Delta
1996 Explorations, Gallery Delta, Harare
1996 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare
1997 One-person Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1997 Crossroads Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997 Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997 Landscapes Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997 Wind Objects Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1997 ‘Zimbabwe’, Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium
1997 Decade of Award Winners Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1997 Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1997 The Bag Factory Mexican Embassy, Pretoria (group show)
1997 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998 The Bag Factory – Newtown, South Africa (one man)
1998 The Last Parrot – three-man exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998 Visual Arts Gallery – Melville, South Africa
1998 Landscapes – Group Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998 Crossroads and Beyond Exhibition, Gallery Delta
1998 Great Rock Paintings Exhibition – group – Gallery Delta
1998 Recent Paintings in the Spirit of New Directions and Crossroads, Gallery Delta
1999 Works on Paper including the print – Group exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Festival Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 The Earth Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Beyond the Crossroads Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Prominent Artists Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Beyond the Crossroads Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Recent Paintings – one person exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Eve of the New Millennium Exhibition – Gallery Delta
1999 Batapata International Artists Exhibition in Bulawayo, Mutare and Harare National Galleries
2000 Works on Paper, Gallery Delta
2000 Gallery Delta – 25 Years
2000 Earth Vision Exhibition – Gallery Delta
2000 Post Election Selection – Gallery Delta
2000 Colourfields Africa Exhibition, Gallery Delta
2000 Colour Africa Munich Germany
2000 The Summer Exhibition, Galery Delta
2000 Gallery Wawana, Maastricht Holland
2000 Atelier im Palmenhams, Munich Germany
2003 Past and Present, Gallery Delta
Gallery Magazine No. 8, 12, 18 and 28 – Tributes