Project Description

Marshall Baron was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) on August 3rd 1934 where he spent his entire life, and loved the town and its peoples. He died on May 3rd 1977.

Marshall excelled in three fields:

Law: He had an L.L. B. degree and practised law at Ben Baron & Partners. He achieved marked success in his chosen profession and gained an enviable reputation in it. As a practicing lawyer he carried the struggle for a more egalitarian society into the law courts.

Art: He was a serious and prolific artist painting hundreds of canvasses of all sizes and his works were exhibited over the years in one-man and group shows in Rhodesia and South Africa. He was very active and influential in the local art world and was a committee member and a chairman of the Rhodesian Society of Artists.

Music: His knowledge and appreciation of classical music was encyclopedic and profound and his impact on the musical life of Bulawayo was incalculable. His regular critiques in The Chronicle on concerts and on the performances of visiting musicians of international repute were literary masterpieces.

Year Exhibition
1964 One Man Exhibition, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.
1966 The late Ben Shahn, world renowned American artist awarded him a scholarship to the Annual Young Artists’ School at Skowhegan in Maine, America.
1967 Five paintings exhibited at The International Exhibition at the South African Association of Artists Gallery, Pretoria.
Exhibition with Leonora Kibel and Adele Waters, Bulawayo.
1968 One Man Exhibition, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.
Works exhibited at the Skowhegan State Fair.
Became a founder member of the Rhodesian Society of Artists.
1969 Exhibition 3/69 with George Skews and Lance Penny, Naake’s Gallery, Bulawayo.
1973 One Man Exhibition, Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg.
‘Marshall Baron’s exhibition is vigorous, vital, exotic and daring… the impassioned work of an uninhibited person.’ The Star 1973.
1975 Exhibition with Steve Williams, Naake’s Gallery, Bulawayo.
1976 One Man Exhibition at Pretoria Bank Gallery.
1976 Selected Artists from Matebeleland, Gallery Delta.
1977 Select Rhodesian Exhibition, Ned-Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
1978 Tribute to Marshall Baron 1934 – 1977, Gallery Delta.
1977 Marshall Baron Retrospective Exhibition – Bulawayo Art Gallery.
1995 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta.