Project Description

1951 – Born Barberton, RSA.

Childhood in Swaziland.

1957 – ’62 Junior School.

1963 – ’67 High School.

1968 – Begins B.Sc. Degree.

1970 – Begins Fine Arts Degree.

1973 – Graduated with B.A. Fine Arts.

1974 – Certificate of Education.

Teaches part-time at Bill Ainslie Studio.

Institute of Adult Studies, Wits University.

1975 – ’76 Natal Technicon.

Teaches UNISA Fine Art figure drawing.

Visits Rijksmuseum.

1977 – Arrives in Rhodesia.

Croupier Victoria Falls and Elephant Hills Casino.

1978 – Croupier Kariba.

Joins Peter Forrest Smith Advertising Agency.

1979 – Joins Michael Hogg Advertising Agency.

Visits Belgium.

Resides Cecil Rhodes Avenue, Newlands, Salisbury.

1980 – Visits Israel.

Resides Livingstone Avenue and TM Centre.

1981 – Moves to Chedgelow Road, Hatfield.

First one-man show, Standard Bank gallery, John Boyne House, Harare.

1982 – Joins Art Department, Harare Polytechnic as part-time lecturer.

Becomes a Zimbabwean citizen.

1985 – One-man show, Gallery Delta, Harare.

1987 – Visits Ethiopia and the Sudan.

1988 – Visits England.

1990 – ’92 BAT Workshop.

Visits America.

1993 – Goldilands, Beatrice.

1994 – Visits Malawi.

1995 – Wemel, Beatrice.

1996 – Wemel and Tielman Roos’s turkey run, Beatrice.

1997 – Turkey run, Beatrice and Punch Rock, Juliasdale.

1999 – Punch Rock and Chindima, Goromonzi.

2000 – Chindima, Goromonzi and The Blue Barn, Caledonia, Ruwa.

2002 – Land invasion, Ruwa.

Returns to Chindima, Goromonzi.

2005 – Dies of a heart attack at Chindima.

1987 – a group show at the People’s Gallery, London.

The Zimbabwe National Gallery’s Annual Exhibition.

A one-man show at the National Gallery’s Plate Glass Gallery.

One-man and group shows at The Standard Bank Gallery, John Boyne House, Harare.

Solo and group shows at all the following: Delta, Alliance Francais, Pierre, Inner Space and Sandro’s galleries.

He celebrated his fiftieth birthday with an exhibition of 50 self-portraits at Gallery Delta.

He has works in the Permanent and Overseas Collection of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

A retrospective of his work was held at the National Gallery in 2007.