Project Description

Born in South Wales 1949, citizen of Zimbabwe.
Deceased 1996.

Received an MA (Art and Design Education) from De Montfort University,

Leicester; a BSc (Special Honours in Sociology) from University of Zimbabwe; and a BA(Fine Art) from the University of Cape Town.

1980 Lecturer in Painting, Drawing, Graphics and History of Art, Bulawayo Polytechnic

1981 Lecturer in Art and Sociology, United College Education, Bulawayo.

1983 Production Manager, Memorial Co-operative Society, Harare.

1984 – 1989 Manager of Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre, Bulawayo.

1989 – 1992 Senior Curator of Art, National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone, Botswana.

1990 – 1992 Acting Director of National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone, Botswana.

1992-1994 Partner in Artconsult, Consultant in Art education, design and visual art practices SADC Region School of Art and Design Project.

Works of Stephen Williams are within the collections of the National Museum, Monument and Art Gallery of Botswana; National Gallery’s of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Bulawayo; British Council, Zimbabwe; USAID Botswana; Thapong Trust, Botswana; Triangle Workshop, USA; Pachipamwe Workshop, Zimbabwe; Botswana Society; University of Natal; Barclays Bank , Botswana and Mobil Oil, Zimbabwe.

Private collections housed in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Namibia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Year Exhibition
1975 Group Exhibition with Marshal Baron, Naakes Gallery, Bulawayo.
1978 X: Group Exhibition with Rashid Jogee, Naakes Gallery , Bulawayo.
1978 Matebeleland Select Exhibiton II, Gallery Delta.
1980 Art Zimbabwe: Rand Show, Johannesburg.
1981 Zimbabwe Art: The Africa Centre, London.
1981 Arte do Zimbabwe: Museo National D’Arte, Maputo
1981 Graphics and Paintings, Gallery Delta.
1983 Paintings, Gallery Delta.
1983 Landsapes with a difference, Gallery Delta.
1986 Joint Exhibition with Rashid Jogee, Gallery Delta.
1986 Received Special Mention (Excellence in Visual Arts), Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
1987 Award: Weldart Exhibition, National Art Gallery.
1988 Drawings and Watercolours, Gallery Delta.
1989 Art/Images from Southern Africa, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
1989 Joint Exhibition with Berry Bickle, Bulawayo Art Gallery
1989 International Artist Workshop, Thapong, Botswana.
1990 Triangle Artists Workshop Exhibition, Pine Plains, New York.
1990 International Artist Workshop, Triangle, USA.
1990 International Artist Workshop, Thapong, Botswana.
1991 Exhibited at the Fourth Havanna Biannual, Havana.
1991 International Artists Workshop, Thapong, Botswana.
1992 International Artist workshop, Pachipamwe.
1992 The Botswana Landscape and Other Non Figurative Paintings, solo exhibition, Gallery Delta
1992 Received the Director’s Award of Distinction and the Award of Distinction for painting: Zimbabwe Heritage, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
1993 Prominent Artists, Gallery Delta.
1993 Botswana Live at The Commonwealth Institute, London.
1993 Exhibition of Paintings with Neo Matome at Gallery Anne, Gaborone.
1993 Africa Kila Kitu: Contemporary Art from Tanzania and Zimbabwe: Finland.
1993 International Artists Workshop, Pachipamwe, Zimbabwe.
1994 The Land, Gallery Delta.
1994 Time and Space, solo exhibition, Gallery Delta
1994 Prominent Artists, Gallery Delta.
1994 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta.
1995 Gallery Delta – 20Years, Gallery Delta.
1995 Homage To Federico Lorca, Gallery Delta.
1996 The Land, Landmark, The Landscape, Gallery Delta.
1996 Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe, Gallery Delta.
1999 Eve of the New Millenium, Gallery Delta.
2000 Gallery Delta – 25 Years, Gallery Delta.
2003 To Love,Peace and Democracy, Gallery Delta.
2004 Collector’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta.
2005 Gallery Delta – 30 Years, Gallery Delta.
2005 Black and White, Gallery Delta.
2005 Art Heritage, Gallery Delta.