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A tribute to the late Friedbert Lutz (29.3.1942 – 17.7.2013)


Fried Lutz was a dear and longstanding friend of many of us and Gallery Delta. He was present at Gallery Delta’s inaugural exhibition on the 17th April, 1975 and thereafter attended exhibitions regularly unless he was indisposed or out of the country. In short, he was an avid art appreciator, collector and follower of the gallery and its activities about which he used to remark incredulously.

Fried had, of course, in addition to his work as a corporate chief executive, consultant and chairman or director of companies, other interests which included mathematics, the sciences, astronomy, and spiritual and religious matters. He investigated and discussed many things; he had a keen and inquiring mind and was a very kind and sociable person, and a good conversationalist. Yet he ranked art as special and artists second only to the spiritual person in the pyramid of vocations. It was natural to invite him to be a trustee when the Gallery Delta Foundation for Art and the Humanities was established in

2008 and almost inevitable for him to become the first chairman, a position he held until his passing on the 17th July, 2013. He is sorely missed.

We have been pleased to organize and present this exhibition Way-Finding, in liaison with Fried’s daughter Christina, in tribute to him for his long standing interest in art and artists, and encouragement and support to the gallery.

We thank the artists for their interpretations and works on the theme Way-Finding. As Masimba Hwati, one of the artists remarked: “We have to make a good show for Mr. Lutz.”

Fried Lutz was a great problem solver. He invariably found a way and believed that if one found a path without obstacles it probably would lead nowhere. That is why this exhibition is entitled Way-Finding.

Harry Kantor Acting Chairman, Gallery Delta

Foundation for Art and the Humanities Harare



Way-Finding – A Tribute to Friedbert Lutz

The Lutz/ Wood family are proud to sponsor this visual art competition and exhibition with the theme Way-Finding, as a tribute to Friedbert Lutz, the late Chairman of the Gallery Delta Foundation; and avid supporter and friend of art and artists in Zimbabwe, and of Gallery Delta in particular.

The exhibition represents the invited artists’ responses to the theme of Way-Finding. Artists were encouraged to consider how does one find one’s way? How or where does one search for meaning? To whom or what does one turn when lost, either physically, spiritually or emotionally? And, how does one help others find their way?

Each work presented in this exhibition represents that artist’s personal consideration of way-finding as a search, or as a journey, or as a process. Some have considered their

searches and life investigations as artists; while others have depicted their journeys to or from places of significance, or through memorable life milestones. Others have interpreted way-finding as the process of evolution of conscience and compassion in humans; and have contemplated who are we? What are we? How did we get here? Why are we here?

The theme was chosen to pay tribute to a man whose energy and creative ideas about how to improve the world, how to change unfavourable circumstances, and how to move forward will be remembered by many.

Reflecting on the artist as a way-finder, Paul Klee’s words are apt in his essay entitled On Modern Art:

“Sometimes I dream of a work of really great breadth, ranging through the whole region of element, object, meaning and style….

Nothing can be rushed. It must grow, it should grow of itself, and if the time comes for that work – then so much the better!

…We must go on seeking it!”

We are grateful to the artists for their diverse and thought-provoking interpretations of the theme. We thank them for sharing their personal way-finding journeys, and we congratulate the award winners for their powerful and moving works of excellence. We also, as a family, salute Helen and Derek as significant and vital guides, incubators, mentors and way-finders for art, artists and art appreciators in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Christina Wood nee Lutz

Harare 11.7.2014

An exhibition of paintings, graphics and 3-dimensional multi-media works Guest of honour: His Excellency, Mr. Ulrich Kloeckner, Ambassador of Germany Opened by Mrs. Christina Wood nee Lutz

Thursday, 24th July, 2014 at 5.30pm Sponsored by the Lutz and Wood family Gallery Delta

Artist Participants

| Arthur Azevedo | Takunda Billiat | Anthony Bumhira | Antony Chidyamatiyo | Franklyn Dzingai |

| Masimba Hwati | Tapiwa Kamangwana | Admire Kamudzengerere | Penny Kirkman | Helen Lieros |

| Tongesai Machiri | Silas S. Manyaya | Wallen Mapondera | Mercy Moyo | Webster Mubayirenyi |

| Munyaradzi Mugorosa | Clive Mukucha | Munesushe Mupandawana | Terrence Musekiwa |

| Julius Mushambadope | Option Nyahunzvi | Victor Nyakauru | Kate Raath | Trymore Sengai |

| Teresa Tapfuma | Freddy Tauro | Mavis Tauzeni | Ngonidzashe Tsiga | Albert Wachi |

| Marjorie Wallace | Keith Zenda | Johnson Zuze |

Acknowledgments and thanks for sponsorship The Lutz and Wood family