Virginia Chihota


Born 29 March 1983 in Chitungwiza, Virginia completed her primary and secondary education at Chitungwiza Schools. She studied art and achieved the following qualifications: 2004-–5 Certificate in Fine Art – National Art Gallery Studios 2005–-6 Diploma in Fine Art – National Art Gallery Studios 2008 Residency, 3 months – Greatmore Studios, Cape Town 2004 3rd Prize Graphics – Rembrandt: An African Response on his 400th Birthday, Gallery Delta, Harare 2007 2nd Prize Graphics – Peace through Unity in Diversity, Gallery Delta, Harare 2008 1st Prize Graphics – Let's Get Together, Gallery Delta, Harare 2008 Award of Distinction in Textiles, Cottco Zimbabwe, National Art Gallery, Harare Year Exhibition 2003-4 Final Year Show, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2004 Young Artist’s Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare 2005 Young Masters, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2005 Woman of Passion for International Women’s Film Festival, National Gallery 2005 Persistence of Vision, National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare 2005 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 2006 Rembrandt, an African Response on His 400th Birthday, Gallery Delta 2006 Polytechnic Final Year Show – Public Affairs US Embassy, Harare 2006 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 2007 Young Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta 2007 Women of Stone, Public Affairs US Embassy, Harare 2007 Peace through Unity In Diversity, Gallery Delta 2007 Drawings and Graphics – an overview, Gallery Delta 2008 Cottco, Zimbabwe National Art Gallery 2008 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 2008 Let’s Get Together, Gallery Delta 2008 Drawings and Graphics, Gallery Delta 2008 A Select Collection, Gallery Delta 2008 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 2009 A Select Collection, Gallery Delta 2009 Another Perspective, Gallery 23 – Amsterdam 2009 The Land, Delta Gallery

Thakor Patel


1952-54 C.N. Vidyvihar, Ahmedabad, India 1954-58 Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay Graduated with first class diploma in painting and drawing. Commercial Art. 1982-90 Lectured in graphic design at Harare Polytechnic 1956 Travelling Scholarship, Art Society of India. 1957-58 Annual Award of the Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay 1957-58 Annual Award of the Bombay Art Society, Bombay 1959 Fellowship of the Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay 1969 Annual Prize of the Davangree Youth Cultural Association 1970 Invited by Dr Robert Mayfield, Chairman of the University of Texas Austin, Texas USA to exhibit and to take part in a fine art programme sponsored by the Edward University of Texas. 1977 Designed textile for the National Hand loom Fair, Agri Expo 77, New Delhi, India. 1977 Assistant Director (Design), Government of India, for Hand loom, Weaver’s Service Centre, Bombay and work at Calcutta. Bangalore - Varanase - Meeret. 1985 Commission work for Harare Sheraton Hotel, Zimbabwe. 1986 Commission work for Cold Storage Commission, Zimbabwe. 1986 National Gallery of Zimbabwe Annual Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition. Special mention in recognition of an artist who has made significant individual contribution towards pinnacles of excellence in contemporary Zimbabwean painting. 1987 International visitors award from the American Fund for Artist Colonies (FAC), New York, sponsored by the United States Information Services, USA to visit USA for three months. 1989 Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition - National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Award of Merit (oil) works selected for Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand during the Commonwealth Games in January 1990. 1991 Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Awards of Merit. Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Arts. Commission of work for Post and Telecommunication, (mural) [...]

Tapfuma Gutsa


Born 1956 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Education: 1970-73 St. Ignatius College in Chishawasha, Zimbabwe. 1978-79 Driefontein Mission School, Zimbabwe. Mission: Woodcarving workshop under Cornelius Manguma. 1982 1st recipient of the British Council Arts Award in Zimbabwe. 1982-85 City and Guilds London School of Art, London, U.K. British Council Scholarship; Diploma in Sculpture 1st class honours Lectures: Alan Sly und Kim Amis. The artist has encouraged young and upcoming artists throughout his career. In the early 1980s Founder and Organizer of the UTONGA ART GROUP, Tafara, Harare, Zimbabwe. Since 1997 building and establishment of SURPRISE ART CENTRE, Shurugwi, Zimbabwe - a project designed to bring art to the people. Since 2005 member of the Offene Keramikwerstatt in WUK, Vienna, Austria. Tapfuma Gutsa lives and works at present in Vienna, Austria. Other activities: 1988-1990 Co-organiser of the 1st PACHIPAMWE International Art Workshops in Zimbabwe in conjunction with TRIANGLE ART TRUST 1994 PACHIPAMWE Zim-Sculpture Workshop in Shurugwi Participant in Triangle Art Trust Workshops: THAPONG Art Workshop, Botswana, 1990 UJAMAA Art Workshop, Pemba, Mozambique, 1991 XAYAMACA Workshop, Crystall Springs, Jamaica, 1993 CYFUNIAD, Intern. Art W/Shop, Wales, U.K., 1999 KHOJ, Intern. Art W/Shop, Modinagar, India, 2001 1981 Oxyco Weldart, National Gallery, Harare 1986 Nedlaw Sculpture Award, National Gallery, Harare 1992 Johnson & Fletcher Award, Ability in Wood, Harare 1993 Artist's Residency Programme, Delfina Studios, London 1995 President's Award of Honour, Zimbabwe Heritage, Harare 2003 NAMA AWARD (National Award for the Arts) Best achievement Zimbabwean sculpture Year Exhibition 1981 Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe 1985 NEW HORIZONS - Royal Festival Hall, London 1987 UTONGA - Sculptures and Drawings – Harare. Solo Exhibition 1988 Drawings and Paintings by BERRY BICKLE & Sculptures by TAPFUMA GUTSA Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe 1989 PACHIPAMWE [...]

Tafadzwa Gwetai


Year Exhibition 2007 The Young Artists’ Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2007 Small Works; Gallery Delta 2007 Peace Through Unity in Diversity; Gallery Delta 2007 Laying Down of Thoughts; Gallery Delta 2007 Spirit Level; Gallery Delta 2008 Young Artists’ Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2008 Let’s Get Together; Gallery Delta 2008 Drawings and Graphics; Gallery Delta 2008 The Post Election Selection; Gallery Delta 2008 A Select Collection; Gallery Delta 2009 5 Artists – 5 Directions; Gallery Delta 2009 A Select Collection; Gallery Delta

Stephen Williams


Born in South Wales 1949, citizen of Zimbabwe. Deceased 1996. Received an MA (Art and Design Education) from De Montfort University, Leicester; a BSc (Special Honours in Sociology) from University of Zimbabwe; and a BA(Fine Art) from the University of Cape Town. 1980 Lecturer in Painting, Drawing, Graphics and History of Art, Bulawayo Polytechnic 1981 Lecturer in Art and Sociology, United College Education, Bulawayo. 1983 Production Manager, Memorial Co-operative Society, Harare. 1984 – 1989 Manager of Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre, Bulawayo. 1989 - 1992 Senior Curator of Art, National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone, Botswana. 1990 - 1992 Acting Director of National Museum and Art Gallery, Gaborone, Botswana. 1992-1994 Partner in Artconsult, Consultant in Art education, design and visual art practices SADC Region School of Art and Design Project. Works of Stephen Williams are within the collections of the National Museum, Monument and Art Gallery of Botswana; National Gallery’s of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Bulawayo; British Council, Zimbabwe; USAID Botswana; Thapong Trust, Botswana; Triangle Workshop, USA; Pachipamwe Workshop, Zimbabwe; Botswana Society; University of Natal; Barclays Bank , Botswana and Mobil Oil, Zimbabwe. Private collections housed in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Namibia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Year Exhibition 1975 Group Exhibition with Marshal Baron, Naakes Gallery, Bulawayo. 1978 X: Group Exhibition with Rashid Jogee, Naakes Gallery , Bulawayo. 1978 Matebeleland Select Exhibiton II, Gallery Delta. 1980 Art Zimbabwe: Rand Show, Johannesburg. 1981 Zimbabwe Art: The Africa Centre, London. 1981 Arte do Zimbabwe: Museo National D’Arte, Maputo 1981 Graphics and Paintings, Gallery Delta. 1983 Paintings, Gallery Delta. 1983 Landsapes with a difference, Gallery Delta. 1986 Joint Exhibition with Rashid Jogee, Gallery Delta. 1986 Received Special Mention [...]

Simon Back


Born in 1966 and brought up in Harare, Zimbabwe. Educated at St Johns Primary School, Peterhouse and ILSA college, was taught art under Helen Lieros. In 1985 went on to study Fine Art at the Cape Technikon in Cape Town, majoring in Printmaking. Returned to Zimbabwe in 1988 and worked towards his first one man exhibition later that year. Worked continually through to 1991, focusing mainly on painting, but also touching ceramics, welding and printmaking, as well as teaching. In 1992 was invited to work in Zurich, Switzerland, towards an exhibition at the end of that year. Apart from participation in group shows and work on a mural with Babette Fitzgerald, the following few years were not creatively intensive. In1996 was married and moved to Mauritius Island, working with CTMI, Church Team Ministries International and later had two little girls. The following few years were spent working in shop design. In 2000 found studio space and began work on a series of paintings. At the end of 2002 held a one man exhibition at McGrath Galleries in New York. The following few years worked part to full-time in the firm of Architects 'No Coffee' while continuing with painting. 2008 has seen the building of a studio and a return to teaching as well as painting on a more full-time basis. Year Exhibition 1986 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1988 Young Artist's Exhibition 1988 Graphics Exhibition 1989 Graphics Exhibition 1989 Paintings - one man show 1989 Summer Exhibition 1990 Graphics 1990 The New Decade 1990 Paintings and Drawings - one man show 1991 Summer Exhibition 1991 Graphics Exhibition 1992 Graphics Exhibition 1992 Small Works by Prominent Artists 1993 Graphics Exhibition 1993 Prominent Artists 1994 The [...]

Robert Paul


1906 Born 12 March, Sutton, Surrey, England 1920s Won Daily Express Young Artists’ Exhibition, England 1927 Joined British South Africa Police in Southern Rhodesia 1933 Transferred to Permanent Staff Corps, Salisbury, as Corporal 1937 Married Dreen Hawkings 1951 Retired from Southern Rhodesia Staff Corps 1980 Died in September, Salisbury, Zimbabwe Year Exhibition 1952 Salisbury and District Art Club, Rhodesia 1953 Three man Exhibition, Umtali 1953 Salisbury and District Art Club 1954 Salisbury and District Art Club 1957 Exhibition of Art Imperial Institute, London (National Arts Council of Southern Rhodesia) 1958 1st Federal Annual Art Exhibition, Rhodes National Gallery 1959 2nd Federal Annual Art Exhibition, Rhodes National Gallery 1959 Studio Gallery, Salisbury School of Art: Group Exhibition 1959 3rd Federal Annual Art Exhibition, Rhodes National Gallery 1960 Two-man Exhibition with Peter Birch, Salisbury 1961 Exhibited with Studio Gallery, Salisbury School of Art, at Federal Manufacturers Fair 1961 4th Federal Annual Art Exhibition, Rhodes National Gallery 1962 “The Contemporaries” members of Studio Gallery, Salisbury School of Art exhibition 1963 “New Art from Rhodesia” Commonwealth Institute, London 1963 “The Contemporaries” members of Studio Gallery, Salisbury School of Art exhibition 1963 6th Federal Annual Art Exhibition, Rhodes National Gallery 1964 7th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1965 8th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1965 Commonwealth Festival of Arts, Commonwealth Institute, London 1966 9th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1967 Exhibition at Nyanga 1967 10th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1968 11th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1969 ‘Twelve Years of Progress on Rhodesian Art’: from Permanent Collection, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1969 12th Annual Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Rhodesia 1970 Exhibition of Leading Rhodesian Artists, Tara [...]

Richard Witikani


Born 1 January 1967 at Wedza, Zimbabwe 1987 Finished Secondary Education at St Vincent's School, Nora 1988 Student at BAT Workshop, Harare until 1989 1989 Taught Art at Girls High School, Harare Art Residences: Artoteek, Dordrecht, Holland for three months 2000 Villa Waldberta, Starnberg, near Munich 2002 Thupelo, South Africa, 2005 1991 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe - Highly Commended (Painting) 1994 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe - Award of Merit (Graphics) 1995 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe - Highly Commended (Painting) 2007 Special Mention – Peace through Unity In Diversity – Gallery Delta Artoteek Zuidhooste, Amsterdam, Holland Artoteek, Den Haag, Holland Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Dordrecht, Holland. Year Exhibition 1989 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1989 BAT Workshop Final Year Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1990 Young Artists’ Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare 1990 Worked at Sitra Pottery, Melfort 1991 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1991 – 1994 Annual Young Artists’ Exhibition at Gallery Delta 1994 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1995 New Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1995 Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1996 Changing Directions Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1996 Graphics Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1996 The Land, Landmark, The Landscape, Gallery Delta 1996 Namhla Lakusasa Exhibition, National Gallery in Bulawayo and Gallery Delta 1996 Man, Myth and Movement, Gallery Delta 1997 Country Life, One Man Exhibition at Gallery Delta 1997 Crossroads Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1997 Prominent Artists Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1997 Landscape - The Changing Scene, Gallery Delta 1997 A Decade of Award Winners 1986 - 1996, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 1997 The Summer Exhibition, Gallery Delta 1998 Rural Lands - of Life and Landscape, One man show [...]

Richard Jack


Born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1949 and educated in Harare and Durban. 1969-70 Natal Technical Art College Durban, studied graphic design and photography. 1971-75 Worked in advertising agencies, Harare, London and Johannesburg. 1976 Started painting and sculpting. 1984-86 Part-time lecturer – Harare Polytechnic Art Department. 2004 Tutor Technician – Sculpture. University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey. National Gallery of Zimbabwe National Gallery of Botswana Royal Netherlands Embassy, Harare University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK 1988-96 Danhiko School for the physically handicapped, Harare 1994 Goethe Institute, Harare. 1995 6th All Africa Games, National Sports Stadium, Harare – Mural in granite around base of cauldron (octagonal 12 x 1.5 metres). 1997 Prince Edward High School, Harare. 1998 Aage Damgaard, Herning, Denmark. 1999 Cuxhaven Schlossgarten, Germany. 2006 Millfield School, Street, UK. Year Exhibition 1978 Walsh Marais Gallery, Durban – solo show. 1979 Trevor Coleman Gallery, Johannesburg – solo show. 1980 Durban Arts 80 – Outdoor sculpture. Opened a Gallery called ‘Marico Moon’, Johannesburg. 1981 Market Gallery, Johannesburg – solo show. Gallery Delta – two man show. 1982 Gallery Delta – group show. Mall Gallery, London – group exhibition. 1983 Nedlaw Sculpture Exhibition – second prize. John Boyne Gallery, Harare – solo show. 1984 Barbican Centre, London – International Art Fair. 1986 ZAVACAD Anti-apartheid exhibition, Murewa. Gallery Delta – group show. 1988 1st Pachipamwe workshop and exhibition (NGZ). 1989 2nd Pachipamwe workshop and exhibition (NGZ). Gallery Delta – wood sculpture. 1990 Gallery Delta – two man show. 1991 4th Pachipamwe International workshop and exhibition (NGZ). Thappong International workshop and exhibition, Botswana. 4th Biennale, Havana, Cuba. 1992 National Gallery of Zimbabwe – solo show. Sandro’s Gallery, Harare – two man show. 1993 Alva Aalto [...]

Rashid Jogee


Born on the 11th February 1951. Year Exhibition 1978 Matebeleland Select Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1984 Black and White; Gallery Delta 1987 Paintings and Sculptures; Gallery Delta 1988 Paintings, Ceramics and Sculptures; Gallery Delta 1990 Sculptures and Paintings; Gallery Delta 1991 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1992 Landscape Paintings; Gallery Delta 1992 Small Works; Gallery Delta 1993 Prominent Artists; Gallery Delta 1993 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1994 The Land; Gallery Delta 1994 Prominent Artist; Gallery Delta 1994 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1995 Gallery Delta – 20 years; Gallery Delta 1995 1+1=1; Gallery Delta 1995 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1996 Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe; Gallery Delta 1997 Prominent Artists; Gallery Delta 1997 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1999 Festival Exhibition; Gallery Delta 1999 Wood, Sculpture; and Mixed Media; Gallery Delta 1999 Eve of the New Millenium; Gallery Delta 2000 Gallery Delta – 25 Years; Gallery Delta 2000 Post Election Selection; Gallery Delta 2001 Eclectic; Gallery Delta 2001 The Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2002 The Zimbabwean Landscape; Gallery Delta 2002 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2003 Small Works - Insight; Gallery Delta 2003 Summer Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2004 The Collectors Exhibition; Gallery Delta 2004 Old and Modern; Gallery Delta 2005 30 Years of Gallery Delta; Gallery Delta 2005 Black and White; Gallery Delta 2005 Small Works; Gallery Delta 2006 Frame Within A frame; Gallery Delta 2006 Small Works; Gallery Delta 2009 A Select Collection; Gallery Delta